As a family owned company, Scotwood Industries holds value in being able to provide customers with premium packaged ice-melting products at an affordable price. With over 30 years of industry-leading experience and a vast logistical network, Scotwood Industries is able to stay ahead of winter weather to deliver ice and snow melting solutions before a storm arrives.
Overland Park, KS

Liquid Terminals

We've got the central United States covered. From Texas to Minnesota, our terminal locations are designed to help us meet our goal: to deliver premium liquid products quickly and efficiently for warm and cold weather applications. Whether your needs are for road stabilization or dust control; deicing and anti-icing for streets and highways, you can count on Scotwood Industries for service that is second to none!

How much product do I need?

For dust control and road stabilization jobs, an application calculator is available on both the RoadMaster and DustGard product pages. For our de-icing products, your salesperson will be happy to assist you!

If I'm scheduled for dust control work, how will the weather affect the application?

A little rain prior to the application of dust suppressant can be a good thing, as we recommend that roads be watered as well as graded prior to applying dust control products. However, a more severe rainstorm that would cause water to puddle on your road would be cause to reschedule your job. The best possible conditions for the application of dust control ensure that the effect of the product will be long-lasting.

What is the difference between de-icing and anti-icing?

Deicing is the reactive application of ice-control products to driving or walking surfaces to melt existing snow and ice. Anti-icing is the application of melting products to driving or walking surfaces before a storm, preventing snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.

How quickly can I expect to receive my order?

Scotwood Industries maintains a network of terminals and dedicated carriers in order to meet our customers' needs.

Which liquid deicer should I use?

Scotwood Industries has the liquid solution for your job. Our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our line of liquid deicers.

How do dust control agents work?

Our liquid dust control products resist evaporation and are hygroscopic, drawing moisture from the ground as well as the air. This process enables the fines and aggregate to bond, and coupled with the moisture of the road surface, causes a significant reduction in dust.