Liquid Products

Scotwood Industries has provided government agencies and industrial firms with the finest liquid de-icing, anti-icing, dust control and roadbase stabilization products for almost thirty years. That, coupled with our exceptional customer service and highly knowledgeable sales staff has led concrete producers, departments of transportation, the railroad industry and more to rely on Scotwood Industries to meet their needs year after year.

Industrial / Ready Mix

As those in the Ready Mixed concrete industry know, cold weather concrete requires an effective accelerator. No other accelerator has been used so successfully as Liquid Calcium Chloride. Calcium Chloride has the ability to reduce set time by as much as two-thirds, reduce the amount of water required for mix designs and improve the strength and durability of concrete. The end result is a job well done, done fast!

Liquid Ice Melt

When assessing your liquid de-icing needs, Scotwood Industries understands that a variety of factors are involved in your decision. The use of our liquid deicers for snow and ice removal can take your program to the next level in an efficient and cost effective manner. Let us show you how!

Dust Control / Roadbase Stabilization

Dust is a problem with all gravel roads. The dust on these roads can be detrimental to businesses and homes alike, reducing visibility while driving, causing health problems and the frustration that comes when your home, lawn and vehicles are constantly covered in dust. Studies show that approximately one ton of aggregate per mile is lost each year for every vehicle that passes over a road daily. The retention of this aggregate is just one of the many added benefits to dust control. Rock quarries, the mining industry, rail yards and landfills are only a few of the industries that we serve.


Public Dust Control Programs

Decreasing the overall need for blade maintenance and regravelling will cut down on costs and complaints! Scotwood Industries has been providing local, state and federal entities with the ability to do just that for over 25 years. A continual commitment to building relationships and excellent customer service has enabled Scotwood Industries to focus on the individual requirements of government agencies at every level. To learn how we can meet your agency's dust control needs, please contact your salesman. DustGard® RoadMaster

Individual Dust Control Program

The Individual Dust Control Program is offered as a convenience to those residents whose counties and townships are unable to provide dust suppressant for the gravel roads adjacent to their properties. DustGard Liquid Magnesium Chloride, and RoadMaster Liquid Calcium Chloride are delivered by a ground-speed controlled tanker truck and applied by computerized spray bar, ensuring an accurate and effective application.

Registration begins in April of each year, with a deadline of the first business day in May. Scotwood Industries begins spraying after the first of June.

Individual Dust Control Program Application
What is Dust Control

Please mail your application to:

Scotwood Industries, Inc.
12980 Metcalf Ave, Suite 240
Overland Park, KS 66213

Or fax to: (913) 851-3553